Are you ready to take your Amazon Business to the next level in 2019?

What you need to take your business to the next level:

Fast selling, high profit items that are already in demand on Amazon.

Reliable suppliers that you can order from time and time again.

A private group of fellow amazon sellers hungry to succeed along with you!

Are you ready to start selling wholesale and private label?

You can use what you already know about Retail arbitrage.

I’m terrible at making sales videos, so I’m reusing the one from spring, I will be at ASD on july 28-31

Join us to learn how to make 2019 your best year ever

We will show you how to start selling wholesale and private label using what you already know about retail Arbitrage.

This will not be a STANDARD Wholesale course

You will not need 10’s of thousands of dollars to get started like other wholesale courses.  You will not need to spend hours calling suppliers just to get turned down.

We Will show you how to hit the ground running seeing big profits selling fast selling products.  Most of what we will be show you can implement almost immediately, you should be able to have a new product on amazon within a couple weeks.

This will not be a STANDARD Private Label course

This is not about buying some cheap crap from china, then slapping your own brand sticker on it.   Waiting months to get it, then spending $1000’s for advertising, only to see razor thin margins. You have all heard the horror stories.

We will show you a different method where most of the items are already in the USAThis means you can buy a lot less inventory, and get it for sale much faster.  That means your product will require much less investment, and much less risk.  

This will not be a STANDARD bundling course

We will not be teaching about traditional bundling, No more guessing on what will sell together. This is not about making a bunch of holiday gift baskets or bundles that no one buys.

We will be showing you how to pick winning products time and time again.  And easy steps to stream line your inventory to maximize your profits.

Take your Amazon to the next level:

We will guide you to start selling wholesale and private label using what you already know about Retail Arbitrage.


We will show you how to find fast selling products that are local to you, ready to be delivered to you


We will show you analysis techniques to quickly use data you already have in your amazon account, to easily find new products.


You will get over 10 hours of hands on interactive webinars that participate and get expert advice in.  They are all recorded so you can catch up any time!


Access to an exclusive facebook group and whatsapp chat where you can ask any questions you have and quickly get any help you need.


You will learn New Product research Methods. We will show you how to identify product leads based off products you already sell.  Plus several methods of finding the best products, methods you can will only learn from us.


We will show you exactly how to transform the products you already sell in to unique and in demand products that only you can sell.


We will make new amazon listings and show you step by step how to do it, showing you everything you need to know from how to pick products to getting feedback.


a collection of exclusive spreadsheets that I have made to help with finding products and keeping products in stock.




If you don’t know what Co Packing is, it’s basically private labeling food.  It’s one of the easiest ways to get in to private labeling, selling what you already know and love.  It’s also a quick and easy way to build a brand. We will explain how to do this, who can do it for you and the legal requirements for you (It’s not much) NOBODY is talking about this, and it will be the next cutting edge in private label. We will also talk some social media strategies to help build your brand.


I used to sell this as a standalone product, and it’s the basis for this product.  ASD is one of the best trade shows in the country to find profitable inventory for your amazon business.
You will get all of my contacts from previous ASDs.  This is 100’s of business cards, prices lists and catalogs.  They are all scanned for you to look over, and organized. This is basically a cheat sheet to getting in to wholesale and private label.  You’ll also get Several videos I have made showing how to source the ASD trade show, and almost every trade show in the country without having to travel to them.  This is really strong without even heaving to go to them.


I have made spreadsheets 100’s of wholesale and private label suppliers.  My contact list also includes prepping material suppliers all over the country. I have made this from all the different trade shows I have attended across the country, plus from my own frustrations to find decent suppliers. I will share with you what I have bought and where.  They are broken down in the different categories for easy access. Want to private label SALSA? There are 12 companies that will do that for you.


We have all found that listing with bad photos, bad descriptions, the wrong title, but a great product.  We will show you exactly how to fix these issues. We will show you the shortcuts to fix these items fast, and easily.  This will include talking how to properly write a product description, title and bullet points, plus how to take professional quality product photos cheaply and easily from home. Stop paying 100’s of dollars to services to create listings for you, we will show you how to make optimized listings, from scratch.

How to find Local Suppliers

One of the cornerstones of my business are suppliers that are local to me.  With not having to wait on long shipment times or importing things from different countries I save lots of time and money.  I find great values all the time with almost no competition.
Local suppliers can be kind of hard to find, which means less competition for you! We will show you several fast and easy tricks to find suppliers in your area that are eager to work with you.  we will go from super low-tech to super-high tech.  We will show you how to handle large price lists in strange formats and how to get the best deals.
I will do a step by step search of an area, all live, showing exactly how to find suppliers and open accounts. This alone can change your business.

Access to a private active facebook group.

Since this course launched several months ago, the Facebook group of members has stayed active, and there have been dozens of posts. Also, all the content has already been made. This time around we are going to redo some of the webinars to update them with newer information. This means you have a place to ask any questions you have, from people already doing it!
What The Members are Saying:
I really enjoyed the course and all the extras provided. I felt y’all were down to earth and not trying to sell a get rich quick course. It was inviting and genuine with helpful information that went beyond what I thought the course would teach. Valuable and helpful information. Misty

The Roadmap to Private Label course by Chris and Brandon is awesome. I learned so many things to really up my Amazon game and my products. I love that it’s focused on something that literally no other course I’ve seen talks about- and this stuff sells. I’m so happy I took it, highly recommended to anyone with a basic knowledge of Amazon, and sellers looking to add in a new element to their business that works. Laura D

The strategies Chris and Brandon showed in the roadmap have really helped me grow my business. They helped me launch several profitable new products! The techniques they used where different than anything I had seen, but very easy to use. Matt H

Take your Amazon to the next level!



Chris Anderson

Chris is the mastermind. He has launched several hugely popular coaching and sourcing groups. He has been an eCommerce seller for over half his life, and he’s sold millions of dollars online in that time. With 15 years of online selling experience, it’s hard to beat him! Chris has sold on over a dozen platforms, selling everything from heavy equipment to handmade engagement rings he made himself, and everything in between.  Chris has launched several successful grocery brands on amazon and has dozens of private label and wholesale listings.

Brandon Traynor

Brandon left the corporate rat race 3 years ago to pursue financial freedom using Amazon. He has built an excellent private label brand, and at the same time does some amazing things with Merch. Brandon specializes in PPC optimization, listing creation, and finding small niches that he can dominate. He has been able to accomplish an extremely automated business model that allows him to spend more time with his family.



Is this group right for me?

We have carefully crafted this program for amazon sellers that are proficient in Retail or Online arbitrage.  The only thing required, is the desire to expand in to creating your own amazon listings.   We have designed this to work with virtually any budget from as little as $500.  The concepts are broken down in to easy to grasp sections and we will be doing them along with you to show you everything you need to know.


What is the schedule for the group?

The group is active now, and we already have content made, including supplier lists.  The first live webinar will be march 1st.  We will be moving quickly and the course will take about 6 weeks, with weekly live webinars and plan of actions for you to follow.  During the week of ASD we  will be doing a live webinar from Las Vegas.


Do I need to come to Vegas for this? When will you be there?

This group is perfect whether you can join us in Las Vegas or not. we have carefully crafted the content so you get the maximum benefit from ASD whether you can make it or not. Chris will be at ASD all days it’s open.  So we will schedule what is most convenient for everyone involved, and will be doing the walk through on all the days.  There will also be a lot of after hours networking!



Feel free to reach out to us anytime.





Normally, I have a 30 day no-questions-asked full refund policy. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this particular group, I am instead offering a 7-day full refund. If in the first week, you feel the group is not for you, let me know and you will get a full refund. After the first 7 days, I will still provide a prorated refund.

Take your Amazon to the next level!