I have made a list of some online tools I use very often in my amazon business, along with free tools I use everyday and also thinks I bought to get started on my business.


Tools of the Trade:

These are some of the tools I use everyday for my amazon business.  Many of them have saved me so much time that they paid for themselves the first time I used them.

Scotty Peelers – Scotty peelers are the trick to remove all sorts of labels.  They include 3 plastic scrapers and a metal scraper.  I use these constantly.

Poly Bag Sample Pack – This was the first set up poly bags I ever bought, they are good quality and have the suffocation warnings printed on them so they are ready to go.  They have a good selection of sizes to get you started and give you an idea what you will run out of.

Shrink wrap – This is what I use to bundle together multi-packs and also wrap oddly shaped and oversize items.  It is cheaper than poly bags, but can take a little longer.

Label Printer & Compatible Labels – This is the golden standard of label printers.  It’s a real workhorse and will save a lot of time over printing labels on a standard printer.  It also features software that can be used to easily design custom labels like for expiration stickers and do not separate stickers.  The labels I linked to are much less expensive than the dymo labels and I have used 10’s of thousands of them without incident.

A Set of Scales – I bought this specifically to do FBA.  this is a fast and accurate scale and big enough to do everything I need.   The external display allows me to weight large objects and not have them be in the way like on a bathroom scale.

 Packing Tape & Tape Dispenser – packing tape is something I use every day.  I go through about 3 rolls a week, so this tape is perfectly sticky and strong.  The dispenser is very easy to use one handed which is very important.  The dispenser takes a little getting used to, but it works great for people with large and small hands.

Table Mounted Tape Dispenser – This is not a required tool, but this is a huge time saving.  I taped it to the table I prep on and now when i put an item in a poly bag, I can hold it together with one hand, and then grab the tape with he other hand.  It speeds up my prepping time by nearly 25 percent.

3 inch tape & 3 inch tape dispenser – This tape is what I recommend to seal boxes.  I used to use the above tape, but ti seal a box securely I would use a ton of tape  This tape is noticeably wider and stronger.  I can seal a box with just two pieces of tape and that makes this tape last a lot longer.  This is a huge money savings and time savings, plus I think it’s more secure.

A Portable Scanner for ReciptsThis is another essential business tool.  I find this to be the fastest and easiest way for me to keep track of my receipts.  I can scan my receipts quickly and in very high quality, then I back them up to Google drive so they are saved forever.  The software it comes with will actually recognize text on your receipts, which will make finding items on your receipts easier.


Services for FBA:

These are the services I use everyday to help me run my business.   I would definitely have a hard time doing this if it wasn’t for these services.  All of them have some sort of free trial month, so I would seriously suggest trying them out.

Inventory Labs – This is a service I use everyday.  It keeps track of my amazon inventory, what I paid for it, and shows me how much money I’m making.  It not only can show me how much i make in any given time, such as how much per week or month, but down to the item.  It also will keep track of expiration dates and remind me to pull expired items. It also comes with a great scanning app called scoutify, this app is faster than the amazon seller app and will display sales rank info over time.  I can not speak highly enough of this service.

Appeagle – This is the repricer I use.  This will help me constantly keep my prices competitive and also makes me money by actually raising my prices for me.  I saw a huge increase in sales when I started using this service, and since it also raises prices, it has also made me a lot more money.

Quick Books Small Business – At the end of the day you will make some money, and making money means paying taxes.  This is the service I use to do my own taxes, they break it down to make the process fast, easy and as pain free as possible.  It’s also very affordable