Be a Superhero Seller This Q4!

A Successful End of the Year Can Change Your Business, and Life FOREVER.

A Unique Mix of Education and the Best Items to Buy and Profit to Supercharge your year!

The biggest request that I get, almost on a daily basis, is to offer another Q4 group.   For three years in a row I have run a successful Q4 group which had 100 members and shared almost 1000 leads of profitable items.

This year, I offered my popular bra coaching and Amazon 2 Amazon flip coaching, and I also ran a popular BOLO and coaching group all year.

Now I’m tackling the challenge of another Q4 group, but this time, my sole focus will be on making my group even better than previous years, which will be a mean feat!  As everyone knows, the last few months of the year can be the best for sales, and the most profitable for Amazon sellers. A successful Q4 can set you up for continued success going into the new year, and years to come. In order to help beginning and intermediate sellers make the most out of this time, I have teamed up with the best mentors in the business.  I’ve also brought in the best list and content providers to make this Q4 group better.   Our goal is to help you kick-start your fourth quarter, and have a happy and profitable end to the year.The group will begin in early October, and then disband at the  beginning of January.

Here is what sets us apart from other “proven” Q4 groups:

  • Strict No VA Policy: Our product finds are found by sellers in the trenches.  Not someone who gets paid $2 an hour
  • Exclusive Webinars: We will have more than 10 webinars laser-focused on topics to help you be a better sell in Q4 and on
  • Intense Education: There will be more than BOLO’s, while great, they don’t necessarily help you learn. When we are finished you will be finding your own inventory faster, smarter, and more efficiently.
  • The Best Amazon 3P Talent: Including myself we have some of the top minds in the Amazon seller community.
  • Run Entirely Through Facebook: Easy to see updates and stay up to date with the group, you will never miss a thing!

Online and In-store Items to Buy and Profit!

No sourcing group for Q4 would be complete without a huge list of BOLOs. These will range from hard-to-find items to items available delivery and in-store pickup nationwide. There will be a great mix of items that you can find in every store, as well as items that are like winning the lottery. We don’t set ROI or rank parameters for our items like many other groups. We run things a little differently:All the BOLOs in the group are posted with one question in mind: Would you buy this yourself? We look at the forecasts and trends and analyze every lead that is posted. This is not just a group run by a couple people in the Philippines. All of the leads are carefully analyzed by experts. We will also check all of the items against a brand new seller account, in order to make sure that everyone can buy as often as possible. You’ll get 400-500 BOLOs for Black Friday alone: many more for Cyber Monday and then green Monday. a great mix of everything from toys to housewares to small appliances and more. Plus, a huge list of videogame bolos – the best of the best video games to buy from Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. You never know what will be for sale, but you know we will find it!In addition to being in the main group where we share the bulk of the items, participants will also be placed into smaller groups of 50 people each. Each smaller group will receive around 200 additional BOLOs that are only shared with their group, in order to ensure that you can always find the items that are shared.In total, we guarantee there will be AT LEAST 600 BOLOs for you to choose from.

Great job! Your teaching style was very easy to follow (group text, webinars and videos). Every question was answered. This group gave me the information and support that helped me reach new sales records in Q4. The BOLOs were money makers Alan Katz

This group transformed my business permanently. They taught me how to find good inventory and provided the “Glengarry Leads.” I would highly recommend anyone to consider using these guys in the future to become an “FBA Master!” Andrew Stevenson

I joined the group looking for some good Q4 sourcing finds, but they delivered so much more. The group received invaluable knowledge that will be relevant and applicable for everyone’s business moving forward. Thank you! Grace Ong-Burd

I joined Chris Anderson’s group my first year as an Amazon seller and the knowledge that I got out of the group took my company to over $300,000 in sales our first year. I originally was interested in just the BOLO’s being offered since I was a new seller and didn’t know what to sell. Those BOLOs made me a ton of money, but the best part of the group was the lessons I learn and more importantly the friendships I made. Without a doubt I would suggest teaming up with Chris to maximize your Q4 performance and enhance your business in ways you never would of thought of. Joseph Biancofiori

The Q4 Suoerhero group is the only one I recommend to others. It is more than just for the items that get posted, the participating members makes it much more valuable. The discussions and knowledge from the group can help anyone, from a novice to a seasoned seller, improve their business. Jeremy Wilson

I have been in Chris’s Q4 group the last 2 years. 100% would do it again. The bolos are great but the support and community makes it even more valuable. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Lori Helman

Chris anderson

Chris anderson


Chris is the mastermind. He has launched several hugely popular coaching and sourcing groups. He has been an eCommerce seller for over half his life, and he’s sold millions of dollars online in that time. With 15 years of online selling experience, it’s hard to beat him! Chris has sold on over a dozen platforms, selling everything from heavy equipment to handmade engagement rings he made himself, and everything in between. This is Chris’s 4th Q4 on Amazon and he is looking to set record sales numbers. Chris is considered an expert in Kohls, Clothing, tactical arbitrage, and business organization.
Jonathan Barron

Jonathan Barron

Toy Expert

You may see Jonathon around Facebook dispensing his excellent knowledge.  He has been selling on amazon for nearly 5 years, and is huge in toys.  He will be helping us find the latest and greatest toys, and show the best strategies to sell them as fast as possible for maximum profits.
Brandon Traynor

Brandon Traynor

Merch By Amazon Expert

Brandon has built an excellent private label brand, and at the same time does some amazing things with merch.  Brandon is also a world renowned ax thrower.
Matt Hartl

Matt Hartl

Toys and Legos

When I grew up, I loved legos.  Matt never stopped.  He has one of the most complete knowledge of former and current Lego sets I’ve ever seen.  Matt is also a brewery owner and has worked in grocery distribution for many years.
Missy Marazzo

Missy Marazzo

In Store Shopping

Missy runs a successful outlet store and is a high volume Posh-mark and eBay seller.  Missy in her spare time runs a photo-booth franchise and does amazon.  She will be helping me by finding great in store only deals to share with you.

Here are some of the webinars we have planned for you.  Each one of these will provide a wealth of knowledge for you to help you grow your business. All webinars will be recorded so you can watch them anytime you want!

Clothes and shoes with Chris

We talk about trends in clothing for different holidays and season and how to profit from them.  I will show you how to capitalize on the different seasons and trends during Q4 to profit.

Tactical Arbitrage With Chris Grant

Chris Grant is a wizard with tactical arbitrage, he will be joining me for a hands on webinar where will show you some powerful ways that you can use tactical arbitrage especially in Q4.  Everyone in the group will get an exclusive Xpath that can help you unlock 100’s of black friday deals.

Black friday Webinar

this is the granddaddy of all webinars.  We will show how to get the most out of the heart of Q4. We will cover everything from how to optimize your routes, how to prep as fast as possible and just how to squeeze every dollar out of this season!

Profiting from merch in Q4

This is new this year!  Brandon and I will chat about merch and how to profit from trends.  We will show you how to find seasonal niches and get shirts made fast, easy, and cheap.

Discount stacking 101

Everyone fears the dreaded price tank.  I will show you how to stack discounts so that you are paying the bare minimum for everything.  This not only increases your profit, but will make you more resistant to price drops. I have gone so hard with this I have actually been paid by stores to buy things.

Bra and clothing webinar

I will be sharing a webinar that I did recently showing my bra, clothes, and shoes strategy.  This is a great catagory year round, and I will show you all the tricks you will need.

Ungating webinar

Me and Matt Hartl will sit down and talk about some low cost and easy ways to get ungated in some of the hottest brands for Q4, brands like Mattel, Nerf, and Playmobil.  We will show you how we recently got accounts ungated, so you will see what is working RIGHT NOW!

Toy Trends with Jonathan

Jonathan does fantastic with toys and will sit down and talk about trends to keep our eyes peeled for.  Knowing what will be hot and all the rumors going around about toys is Jonathan’s specialty.

Groceries with Chris

Grocery can be huge for Q4, I will share with you the trends to follow at the end of the year and beyond.  If you are only selling toys in Q4, you are leaving money on the table.

How to get Around Website Restrictions

If you have ever been banned from target or kohls, I feel your pain.  I will show you how to get around bans on these sites the easy way and keep the inventory flowing in.


Is this group right for you? I suggest having between $3,000 and $10,000 minimum to spend in order to get the most out of this group.  All skill ranges from beginner to experts will find great thing to buy, and new things to learn.   We are going to start early and hit this Q4 hard.  I also recommend you be able to source and prep items in the U.S.  Our deals will be a mixture of online items and in-store pickup items.  You WILL NOT find every item we post, but you will be able to find a large percentage of them.  If you attend the webinars, you will be able to find your own items with ease. I promise that everyone will be able to learn something new in this group.

Restricted products: One of the biggest concerns on everyone’s mind right now is restricted products, and intellectual property claims.  I will begin by showing you the best ways to verify whether an item is restricted for you or not.  We have an exclusive and extensive list of brands that send IP claims, and we will update it and share it in the group.   If you do end up with restricted products, we will show you how to move said items and get the money back in your pocket.  We will also do a webinar devoted to gettign ungated.  When sourcing, we will check the items against a new seller account.  We may share items that not everyone can buy, but most people will be able to buy most things.

Pricing: This group will official start October 1st and end at the end of january.  The group will start at $497, and will be available to be financed using bill me later.  By joining this group for the full span of Q4, you are receiving a massive value. taking in to account all the webinars and BOLOs, plus the best community to help you grow.

Refunds: Normally, I have a no-questions-asked full refund policy.  Due to the time-sensitive nature of this particular group, I am instead offering a 7-day full refund.  The group will begin in full on October 1st.  In the first week, if you feel the group is not for you, let me know and you will get a full refund.  If you sign up as an early bird, you get an extended refund time to make up for the time it takes for the group to start   After the first 7 days, I may still provide prorated refunds.  There will be no refunds after the Black Friday lists are released.

Sourcing type: The group will have a mixture of Online items and items you will buy in store.  Most items will be items you can actually buy in store, and online.

The Schedule:  The group is currently active.  We are starting the BOLOs early.   The group will run until the end of January.  All of the leads are archived for you, and the group is never deleted.  You get to keep everything you learn!

Check this video out for all the details!