Sourcing group


Welcome to Master Profit – A Personalized Mentor Experience

Master Profit is the amazon sourcing mentor you’ve been looking for. We give you so much more than just a list of leads – we provide personalized mentor relationships. We are a collaborative community where you learn from the expertise of our most experienced members. We don’t just tell you what to purchase, keeping you dependent on some secret strategy that only we know. We’re here to teach you those secrets. Soon, you’ll have the knowledge and practice to create your own business plan, and the confidence to see it through to success.

Here’s how it works: When we give you purchasing leads, we here at Master Profit will also purchase many of the items that we recommend. Not only does this ensure that we recommend the most profitable inventory (after all, our money is on the line, just like yours), but it provides the opportunity for us to track the items as a group, learn together about why each item was selected, and observe how it performs. We then use this information to form new strategies for even greater profit.

Master Profit guarantees a minimum of 300 leads throughout each month, as well as an array of live webinars and live sourcing. We record every single webinar and sourcing session, and we give you full access to watch them any time you desire. These live tools allow us to get in-depth about our strategies in an interactive setting. With the Master Profit method, we bring a level of transparency to the business that no one else is offering. So don’t hesitate to ask us your questions! We’re ready and eager to welcome you onboard.

In the group we hope to have more of an investment feel, than a “selling on amazon” feel.  I will be using some of the strategies the techniques the most successful investors in history, like warren buffet and Benjamin Graham.  By using time honored and well documented strategies, and applying them to the new and exciting world of amazon to amazon flips, we hope profit greatly.

We have also taken advanced steps to deter people from sharing products from this group in other groups.  We will not tolerate that, and anyone found to be sharing the leads to other groups will be banned instantly.


What sort of inventory does Master Profit purchase?

Mostly shoes, but we also make purchases in other easy-selling categories, such as clothing and books.

How is this different from coaching?

In the very near future, I will be ceasing my flip coaching to focus on running this group. This group should not be considered “flips coaching” or basic coaching of any type. Although I will not be focusing on the basics of flips, if you watch live sourcing, or replays, you should be able to understand what I am doing.

Where is the inventory purchased?

We purchase all of our inventory through Amazon. By limiting our sourcing to Amazon, we make sure our service is available all around the world. We also avoid a variety of issues and restrictions that can arise through other outlets.

How much will you be investing into this group?

In the first month, we will invest around $10,000. We will then reinvest the profit we make back into our inventory.

Why don’t you purchase all the items?

I may want to present more flips to you than I have capital to invest in. So in an effort to provide the most value, I will sit out on some flips, but you will be made aware of this.

How much will I need to spend to purchase the items recommended by Master Profit?

In order to get the most out of your membership, we suggest having about $1,000 a month available to you for purchases.

What kind of returns can I expect?

We don’t look at the return on individual items. Instead, we view this as an investment. We look for the overall monthly return on money invested. The goal is a return around 33% monthly on what you invest.   The effective rate of return for the head of the group is around 100 percent ROI.

Are there other expenses you haven’t told me about yet?

Absolutely not. You don’t ever need to pay for software or other tools to make the most of your Master Profit membership.

I’m concerned about the time commitment, and I don’t have any storage space for inventory. Is this still for me?

Yes! Although I prep most of my inventory in house, you can use this model with a prep service.  You can do business anywhere in the world with minimal time commitment, and no need for any dedicated space.

What other tools and resources does Master Profit use?

Master Profit uses its own Amazon account dedicated to the group. This is the account that purchases all of the items we’ve recommended. Together, we track these items using our InventoryLab account. During webinars, we use information from InventoryLab to form strategies for the greatest profit. As a member of Master Profit, you have access to invaluable screenshots from InventoryLab on each and every item we purchase.

Do you have a guarantee?

I believe that I will provide you the best sourcing group on the market, but if you are disappointed, let me know and I will refund you your money.

The group is limited to 125 members, and there is a $150 (for a limited time) $125 a month membership fee.