beginner coaching

In this roughly 2 hour long course we will focus on the basics of sourcing for retail arbitrage, we will not be doing online arbitrage or anything advanced like auctions or buying pallet lots.

We will cover the following:

How to identify a good profitable product in store to sell on amazon.

How to read the available information to make a good buying decision.

Helping you avoid many common mistakes.

Ways to save money and increase your profit.

I will end the session with a free form Q&A to help everyone get the confidence to sell on amazon.

At the end of this course, you will be able to find profitable items in stores.

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What People are saying:

  • Chris really over-delivered in this class
  • Mostly it was confidence building. I have done flips that are recommended in a group and tried to reverse engineer how to find them on my own. This training confirmed a lot of things.
  • I’d seen that methodology before, but was interesting to see it in practice. Got a lot from the Q&A.
  • The biggest take-away was confidence!


To do this coaching, please have an amazon account made, and the amazon seller app installed and set-up on your phone. We will not be covering setting up an amazon account, taxes, printer set-up, creating shipments, ungating in grocery or HBC or anything not related to retail arbitrage sourcing.

The coaching is done using google hangouts, which is free and easy to use. There are usually 4-6 people in the coaching, to build a great synergy and energy. All of the coachings are recorded, and will be available on YouTube for review.