Debunking 8 FBA myths

Despite our tireless efforts, it seems like every day I see someone give out some morsel of misinformation about selling products on Amazon.   It seems like these myths are so prevalent that they take on a life of their own.  Let’s call them, collectively, the big...

Should I buy this?

One of the questions that I see asked the most on Facebook groups for Amazon-selling is whether or not a person should buy a particular product. Usually this question is based on the following scenario: A new FBA seller ventures into her local discount store.  She is...

Some thoughts on 2015 Q4

I want to give some thoughts on selling this time of year. I see a lot of people that are a little off with how this all works. I really hope this can be helpful to people and help everyone have a more profitable year. Q. This item is readily available at my Walmart,...

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