Coaching and Mentoring Sessions:

Two or more exclusive webinars every month, available only in FBA Super Group. All webinars will be recorded and available for members to watch any time.



Access to FBA Experts:

Contact the experts in FBA super group any time you have a question. Benefit from our expert perspectives, and a wide range of experienced points-of-view.



In-Store Sourcing Reports:

Our employees are ready for in-store sourcing across the country. We’ll source stores unavailable online, alert you to the hard-to-find items, and ensure a greater range of items with fewer sellers.




Variety of Techniques:

We offer a variety of techniques from experts with diverse perspectives so you can learn to acquire new inventory and grow your business in as many ways as possible.


Everything you need for your business to thrive!

Together, we survived Q4. Hopefully, we all had some amazing sales days. Where do you go from here? Superhero Sellers’ new year-long group is the answer! We’re bringing back everything you’ve grown to love, and much more

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One-of-a-Kind Coaching Experience:

As with every group we offer, it’s much more than a list of BOLOs – FBA super group is an opportunity to learn the strategies on which this business is built. We consult with industry-leading experts to bring you the top strategies in the industry today. As a member, you’ll watch them deliver information-packed webinars and have your questions answered by the best in the business. You’ll belong to an interactive community where you learn from each other and grow your business throughout the year.

Expert Webinars (and Other Live Video Coaching):

Every webinar will be recorded so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience. If you can’t attend a webinar when it airs live, you’ll still have the option to submit your questions ahead of time to get them answered by the experts.

In addition to webinars, our passion for sharing knowledge means that whenever we come across something exciting – an item we found or a new strategy to try – we use it as an opportunity for a live, spontaneous coaching session. Last year, we shared a video of how Chris acquired 35,000 dollars worth of small appliances for free. These impromptu videos are a wealth of fast information you won’t want to miss..

Learn from the experts

In store Sourcing Videos:

We share videos of ourselves sourcing at stores like Walmart, Toys’R’Us, Target, TJ Maxx, Ross, and others. You’ll be able to watch use and our employees find inventory and make buying decisions. You’ll even get to see exactly what we buy. It’s like having a full-time FBA shopper bring you along with them. Last year, these videos were immensely popular, and so we’ve worked hard to make them even better for FBA super group.

Watch FBA experts as they shop!

highest Quality BOLOs:

Of course, FBA super group also includes the best BOLOs to be found. And that isn’t an empty promise! Our leads are the best because we don’t hire virtual assistants from foreign countries to find them, like other groups do; we hire industry leaders to find our leads. You’ll receive online leads, retail leads, and in-store pickups. These BOLOs will range from very specific items, to broader tips and indications on how to take advantage of sales.

We have developed a patent pending of sharing the BOLOs in this group. Each month 150 leads will be shared with everyone in the FBA super group. The rest of the deals will be shared in a small group of only 50 people. This will greatly reduce competition among members in the group, and allow you to customize your experience.

100’s of Profitable items shared each month

Is This Group for Me?

This is not a group for complete beginners. We will not cover the basic aspects of the job, like how to set up your account or make a shipment. However, if you already have a few shipments under your belt, you’ll be just fine. Even seasoned experts will find value and a fresh perspective in FBA Super Group!

New Benefits

Quarterly Themes:

Throughout the year, we’ll have a new theme for each quarter, which will add both focus and fun to the group. Additionally, this will provide a clear path for specialized learning. The theme for Q1 will be “Taking Sourcing to New Levels” We’ll explore ways to strengthen your business through diversification. We’ll learn about sourcing bulk items, on- and offline auctions, and liquidation. We will learn about buying from wholesalers, cash and carry, and liquidation grocery stores.  We will start with finding replenishable items, and I will guide the members to turn that in to wholesale purchases.  You’ll receive a complete list of dos and don’ts from someone who has done it all. This is your chance to learn from the mistakes the experts made when they were just getting started. You’ll learn the newest techniques, and also the tried-and-true. Each quarter will include 4-6 webinars loaded with information, each taught by one of our own Superhero Sellers, or another industry-leading experts.

Learn about:




liquidation grocery stores

Sourcing Trips:

Every month, we’ll go on a sourcing road trip. We’ll use these trips to share our strategies for traveling cheaply, safely, and efficiently in order to maximize our profits. You’ll learn to use these same strategies for your own business trips, be a more spontaneous with your sourcing or adapt them to take a family vacation while growing your business at the same time. We may even meet up with other members during some of the trips!

learn how to travel with FBA

What our customers have to say:

The guys at FBA Master not only provided helpful BOLOs. They brought a desire and willingness to teach and mentor group members starting fresh with FBA. I personally spoke with at least 3 different guys from FBA Master who took lots of time to answer my questions, provide personal details on their own purchases, and give guidance into purchases I was making. I learned a ton from the group, and came away with a decent profit my first 3 months at a business. For the money, I’ll take that any day. I more than paid for my membership with profit.

Jason Neff

I wouldn’t trade the group for the world. I’ll very one was great and mortar willing to a share their knowledge. They spent time on chats in videos and in the group answering every question we had. No stone was left unturned the knowledge was the best but the profits made from the bolos were the icing on the cake. I definitely made my money back

Baisha Ward-Johnson

This group was more than what I expected it to be. It went from me just wanting to BOLOs to learning more about about to scale my Amazon business. The administrators of the group were super helpful; answered questions, did Facebook Lives and webinars. Everyone in the group chimed in and was ready to help each other. You don’t find a community of people that are willing to help. This group has been a blessing for me and I learned more in this short amount of time then in the last several months. Joining this group was definitely worth the investment. Thank you. I appreciate you guys more than words can say.

Nakia Martineau

Great job! Your teaching style was very easy to follow (group text, webinars and videos). Every question was answered. Ideal for the person just starting out or those who have Amazon selling experience. This group gave me the information and support that helped me reach new sales records in Q4. The BOLOs were money makers.

Alan Katz

This group transformed my business permanently. They taught me how to find good inventory and provided the “Glengarry Leads.” I would highly recommend anyone to consider using these guys in the future to become an “FBA Master!”

Andrew Stevenson

I joined the group looking for some good Q4 sourcing finds, but they delivered so much more. The group received invaluable knowledge that will be relevant and applicable for everyone’s business moving forward. Thank you!

Grace Ong-Burd
350 leads per month
Every month you will receive:
150 leads posts in the main group
200 leads shared with only 50 people
access to FBA experts
exclusive webinars
7 Day FREE trial
450 leads per month
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Every month you will receive:
150 leads posts in the main group
300 leads shared with only 50 people
access to FBA experts
exclusive webinars
7 Day FREE trial